Do You Love Where You Live?

I love where I live. 

Living “in the country” brings me a sense of peace and tranquility at the end of the day.  Today, my husband and I watched a Golden Eagle soar over our house and land on a tree overlooking our property.   What a majestic being he was. I wanted to grab my camera, but we couldn’t move without disturbing this giant bird and ruining the moment. So, we stayed put, transfixed as we watched the eagle look for his evening meal.

We all like different things – some like the country, like I do; some like living in the mountains, the beach, in the city, in the suburbs, near a school, near public transportation – we are all drawn to something.  Sometimes that changes over time. What we like when we are 25 may not be the same as when we are 35 or 60.

Sometimes, we dream of where we would really like to live, and that can lead to a goal and a plan to achieve our dream.

So, do you love where you live?  Where do you dream of living? I would love to know, so let me know what and where your dream home is!

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